A Night In Paris

Back log post coming!!!
This will be just short since I have to do a lot of school related works and I have 4 chapters to cover for my Sociology Class and a chapter for my Accounting Class. I'm having wrecked out thoughts about my midterm grades as of the moment but i'm still hoping for good grades

Anyways, Remember these photo booth pictures that I blogged about HERE?
I'm gonna share to you my fancy experience from Marja Guinoo of A Dose of Marja 's Debut through pictures and captions.

During the Dinner: "Table" Picture with the debutante, the food was good by the way. Right after the dinner as far as I can remember it started out with 18 roses. There were also ballet performances, sing-a-long's, and dancing with the up beat music.
After the program: Picture taking time!! I like this shot its so candid but i really dont know why am i laughing... alone.
My date for the night, Nikko Zamora

|| All photos are from Marja Guinoo's facebook ||

It was a fun experience for me since it was my first time to attend a debut party plus I got to meet new friends. Too bad I didn't got a chance to take a picture of my outfit for the night and a picture with the debutante except the photobooth photos. Soon, I'll be celebrating my 18th birthday too I don't want to end my teenage life yet..

Thought of the Day: I've been down for the past few weeks and when I say down I mean depressed. I've been absent-minded, lazy, dull and sad. Whenever I look down at my notes and start to read I tend to stop and sleep. Kumbaga nawawalan na ako ng gana sa lahat ng bagay. Sometimes I think of giving up but I know that wont help me and it wont lead my anywhere. I just dont know what to do anymore. Time like this I always run to my best friend, father, diary, my God. As my day ends, I pray to God to give me the strength to carry out the tasks I need to do and finish. A time with God really helps emotionally and spiritually. Go take a leap for God ask forgiveness, be thankful, praise him, talk to him he always listens to us no matter what.

Or maybe not a short post, Got carried away. Haha! Have a great week!

Keep Loving!



  1. You looked really pretty. Hope you had a great night!


  2. Everyone looks so great and fasyown! Love (18 or not) birthdays and dressing up.

  3. Normally when we are troubled by a huge problem in our lives, we ponder the problem deeply. Seek help from the beyond, such as through prayer. Life is no fun Pau if u dont have these stress and problems..U can do it.. Smile and Pray!

  4. Amidst all challenges, there arealways solutions right after. :)
    Chin up and keep it cool! :)



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