Clovers All Over!

|| Brogues from Rusty Lopez, Faded Pants from Penshoppe, Silver Bag from Elizabeth ||

Best Friend for life, Im gonna miss you!
Carlo Morales and the guy who won in Talentadong Pinoy

|| Photo credits: bia Sambrano, check out her blog: http://biathegreat.tumblr.com/ ||

Have you ever wonder what to wear on a school day without looking "school-ish" and follow rules? So here's mine. Silver and Gold were the highlights of this look, This post isnt much of a look post but more on my Day! I'll share to you a part of my lucky day. 27th of January was really a lucky day for me from morning 'till night, our school launched the Magis Festival and surprisingly a celebrity came to our school named Carlo Morales no one knew him not until he came out. He was so tall, white and Handsome! and he's nice too. But it didnt stop there, the winner of talentadong pinoy who's a beatboxer came in too i was so amazed by his talent. Here's the great part i had the chance to go near them they asked if there's any singer in the crowd (Haha!) and everybody knows what's next. I sang Superbass! Ive never regret a single second on that moment its like living my teenage dream to sing in front of a big crowd and luckily it was Ateneo crowd though my voice isnt that gifted! This day will be forever memorable to me, One check on my bucket list! "Live life to the fullest and sing superbass" How was your day?

Keep Loving!



my everyday hair

pink lipstick from Clinique

small curls

big curls

|| low quality photo's, used iTouch only ||

For 2 days i was with my curling iron and out of boredom i played with my hair and discovered some new ways to curl my hair. Big Curls were my favorite. Tip in order to have big curls you have to divide your hair into thick parts not too thick but thick enough that your curling iron can handle and make sure the front part is going outwards and the back part is going inwards. Another way of curling i learned is the small curls which im not a fan of it but it looks nice though. Get small amount of your hair and that's it, same process outwards then inwards. Btw, I used a big curling iron from Watsons to achieve those curls. And Please before you do anything with your hair make sure not to over use your iron's to avoid hair damages. Hope you like it!

Keep Loving!


The Pit Stop

why read a book upside down? Haha!

|| Photo credits: Rjay Halasan ||

The pit stop, The end point of every line in highschool, The decision-making. Time flies too fast!I wish i could slow down the time and savor all the fun times few months from now i'm going to march on the stage with my toga on and with my big grin and ready to embrace the new journey. I'm still stuck with two college courses one is Entrepreneurship and the other one is Accountancy. Im waiting for the day where i can finally say "YES!" Confused and few days from now i have to decide for my entrance exam. Which do you think is better? Accountancy or Entrepreneurship? My only dream is to be successful in life and make my parents proud. After everything someday i'll meet paris, Someday.

Keep Loving!


Hit Rewind

meet the owner, Claire Escuadro

best friend for life

btw, meet Suzy my bestfriend (itouch)

|| January 14, 2012 ||

Event 1 for my blog, yey Haha! There comes a point in your life where you just wanna hit rewind and have it all over again. 2nd round please? Its great to know that we survived as one this long. I've always believe in the saying "Friends do come and go but real friends, stays" Thank God for blessing me good friends /2nd family. More years to come guys and more parties, Soon.

Keep Loving!


Let the rain pour

my new obsession, booties!

|| Necklace from Sm Accessories, Shorts from Milk and Co., Shoes bought in states ||

Saturday Night the rain was endlessly pouring down but Thank God it didn't ruin our night. I had dinner with friends for our 1st anniversary, isnt it cute? Haha! Lucky to have those guys. For a special event i have no idea what to wear at all so i did trial and error, and most of it are error's Haha! Bed-weather makes everyone lazy so i decided to have a "laid back look" And finally i came across with this look and comfortable with it despite the cold breezy weather, the blazer kept me warm for the whole time. Booties are the best, no worries with walking down the wet street. Btw, Thanks Marj for taking such good photo's for my blog. Much love!

Keep Loving!

School's In

||Floral Turban from Egg, Shoes from Elegance, Top from Soul Lifestyle||

First steps are like baby steps. At first you might find it hard but sooner or later you'll learn how to deal and live with it. Baby's first word! My first ever first post in my blog and im still stuttered on what to say. Im not really a blogger type of a person but i want to try and discover new things. So Moving on, Thursday night I went to Narnia, played and mixed&match with some good items. Tried something unusual but still fashionable, ofcourse. I even used my school socks for this Haha! I wasn't really ready for this it just came out of the boom. Floral and stripes went well together.

Keep Loving!
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