I have revamp-ed my blog and now its more girly than I am with the ribbons and a lot of pinks on it. I changed the header, the title's and the about me part also. Aside from the changes in my blog's face I also changed my email because the paula_taduran@yahoo.com email account got compromised and I cant access it anymore so if you wish you may contact me in my new email : erika.taduran@yahoo.com 
Thank you Bia Sambrano for designing my new header, she was also the same person who made my previous header.

How'd you like the changes in my blog? I'll be extra busy this week 'cause i'm gonna start preparing for something which I will share it to you guys soon.

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Birthday Series: Simone's Closet X The Living Closet

School has officially started. Too bad I didn't get to fulfill everything on my list but anyways I'm ready for another semester and I just hope I'll do good this semester. *crossed fingers* Talking about another semester, One of the requirements of my English class is to make a blog and have at least 1 entry per week. Its really nice when academics and something you are interested in goes together, now I can improve my writing and at same time learning. I'll be using my Tumblr account for my English 13-- Blogging, You could follow me and check my weekly or maybe daily posts HERE :) On the other hand, Another giveaway is up and this time I collaborated with Simone's Closet!!! You can win this necklace just by joining my giveaway
When the necklace is worn: Photos from Simone's Closet

and here's what you have to do:  

Thank You Denise Lunod of Simone's Closet for collaborating with me! God Bless
 Good Luck Ladies and don't forget to join my other giveaway HERE :)

Winners will be announced on November 30, 2012 together with the other giveaway.

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What a girl wants

Its been awhile since the last time I did this and I actually miss doing it. Making a wish list is a hobby thing for me. When I was a kid I used to make wishlist of barbie dolls I want and email it to my aunt so she can buy it for me in the states. Now that i'm a teenager, I save up for the things in my wishlist and buy it when my money permits me to do so. Its all about being money wise and know your priorities :)

All photos are from Oasap.com

I'm so in love with Baroque right now, prints are just genuine as it is!!!
I could put all the things from OASAP in my wishlist.. I wish everything was easy when I was a kid where I could just email and send it to someone and she/he'll buy it for me. Haha!

They are currently holding a christmas grandsale that runs October 20 through December 15.
Save 25% off on all items just by using the code: XMAS

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Candy Mag- IT girl on the web

Candy Magazine has been a big part in my teenage life, its where I get tips on how to do this and that and how to handle teenage problems whenever I cant ask someone about it. Also, Its where I get freshest trend cast of fashion and How to's 101. Candy Magazine provided so much for teenagers and up until now they continue to give genuine teenage magazine. 

 As I woke up today, I got a news that I was featured in Candy Mag's style files and I got to be the IT Girl on the Web so imagine my joy and rejoice when I found out!! Everyday of November is truly a surprise for me and I hope it continues until the month ends if its not too much to ask :)

You could check it out HERE, Forgive me with my article HAHA! I wrote it last summer maybe? or even before that but anyways i'm still thankful for it :)

Thank You Lord for all the blessings and Thank you Candy Mag for fulfilling one of my teenage dreams.

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Trick or Treat!!

"Trick or Treat, Smell my feet, Give me something good to eat" I know i'm too old for trick or treat's but the fun never gets old and by far this is the most exciting, youthful and fun Halloween I ever had.

I dressed up as random-rat-homeless-slutty-tumblr-girl-who-loves-hipster-shorts-and-converse. It doesn't make sense hahahaha I had real fun though!
Our Sexy DIY's
photo credits to: Nikko Zamora and Marthy Climaco for the first and last photos

I wish more of this in the future!!! How's your Halloween everyone?

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