What a girl wants

Its been awhile since the last time I did this and I actually miss doing it. Making a wish list is a hobby thing for me. When I was a kid I used to make wishlist of barbie dolls I want and email it to my aunt so she can buy it for me in the states. Now that i'm a teenager, I save up for the things in my wishlist and buy it when my money permits me to do so. Its all about being money wise and know your priorities :)

All photos are from Oasap.com

I'm so in love with Baroque right now, prints are just genuine as it is!!!
I could put all the things from OASAP in my wishlist.. I wish everything was easy when I was a kid where I could just email and send it to someone and she/he'll buy it for me. Haha!

They are currently holding a christmas grandsale that runs October 20 through December 15.
Save 25% off on all items just by using the code: XMAS

 Keep Loving!


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  1. Aww, i have so many wishlist too in OASAP!

    Follow your blog <3 great stuffs.

    Let's be friends shall we?


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