Birthday Series: Simone's Closet X The Living Closet

School has officially started. Too bad I didn't get to fulfill everything on my list but anyways I'm ready for another semester and I just hope I'll do good this semester. *crossed fingers* Talking about another semester, One of the requirements of my English class is to make a blog and have at least 1 entry per week. Its really nice when academics and something you are interested in goes together, now I can improve my writing and at same time learning. I'll be using my Tumblr account for my English 13-- Blogging, You could follow me and check my weekly or maybe daily posts HERE :) On the other hand, Another giveaway is up and this time I collaborated with Simone's Closet!!! You can win this necklace just by joining my giveaway
When the necklace is worn: Photos from Simone's Closet

and here's what you have to do:  

Thank You Denise Lunod of Simone's Closet for collaborating with me! God Bless
 Good Luck Ladies and don't forget to join my other giveaway HERE :)

Winners will be announced on November 30, 2012 together with the other giveaway.

 Keep Loving!


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