Reblog: Hey It's Alyssa Yu x Fab Manila Giveaway!

Here it is! My first ever blog giveaway. I knew about Fab Manila a long time ago when I decided to buy their
small pouches as Christmas gifts to my friends. Since then, I've been checking their site regularly to know
about their new products and designs. Click here to visit their site! One of my lucky readers will win an Elie Stripe Tote Bag, a Slim Wallet (pink), a Luggage Tag (green), and a Sunnies Case (yellow). Thank you so much Fab Manila for all the awesome stuff! :) Scroll down to learn how. I swear, it's so easy to join!

To join, all you have to is:
1. Like Hey It's Alyssa Yu and Fab Manila on Facebook.
2. Follow Fab Manila on Twitter. You don't have to tweet anything! :)
3. Click the button below the (Click Click Click for More Photos button) and fill out the form which asks for the necessary details (So I can contact you in case you won!)

Easy, right?

Do you want to increase your chances of winning? (Optional)
You can do any (or all) of the following:
1. Follow Hey It's Alyssa Yu on Google Friend Connect. (You can see it on my blog's sidebar.) Following will earn you additional 2 entries.

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3. Post this on Facebook: "Join Hey It's Alyssa Yu 's giveaway to win fab items from Fab Manila at http://heyitsalyssayu.blogspot.com/2012/03/hey-its-alyssa-yu-x-fab-manila-giveaway.html#more You don't wanna miss this chance! Super easy to join!"
Don't forget to tag Hey It's Alyssa Yu and Fab Manila.

You can post this a maximum of 3 times. Additional 1 entry per post. Tell your friends to like your post and the one with the most number of likes will AUTOMATICALLY win a travel envelope (the blue one). I'm telling you, it's so much worth it!

4. Blog about this giveaway. You can blog about this, a maximum of 2 times. Additional 1 entry per blog post.

If you did all those, you can have as much as ten entries! Posts or tweets beyond the maximum number will be disregarded. The winner will be chosen via random. org. The winner of the travel envelope is the one with the most number of likes on his/her post on Facebook. I'll be announcing the winners two weeks from now, which is on April 7, 11:59 pm. So make sure to join before that! :)

Giveaway is open for Philippine residents only.


Under the Sun

Feel the thirst, Feel the heat, Feel the summer beat!
Have a happy summer loves

Thank you Nikko Zamora for taking such good photo's.
Cant wait to do more shoot's like this specially this summer!!

Beach Plans anyone?

Keep Loving!


We parked at the right venue

yes! cars and bikes

4 years in the making!

></a><br><br><a href=

Some Group photo's from the event.

Best Batch mates ever and Worst Hotel i've ever stayed in( Pinnacle Hotel and Suites)
Dont hate.

what's an event without a photobooth picture! haha!

Keep Loving!

Spotted: Giselle Mendiola

Her actual dress

Here's a post before i head out for school and yes its back, Spotted.

Spotted! Giselle Mendiola, Looks familiar huh? More like Venus Raj Beauty. Giselle got my attention for the night, not just because of the dress she wore but also her beauty. What's the best thing about her dress was the detachable long skirt and with her morena skin, gold and black fitted her well. It was a good choice for having a detachable skirt because she wore the dress for the after party and to avoid hassles in changing outfits. Dont you just love her?

btw, Giselle is good photographer, View her Flickr HERE.

Keep Loving!


Misplaced Street

btw, its the detachable collar that Laureen Uy sent to me.

|| Photo by: Bia Sambrano ||

|| Shoes: Privilege, Dress: Miller Clothing, Collar : Miss Sartorial ||

Maybe you're all wondering why is my title is Misplaced Street, its because the theme of out bash was Street Style but.. the picture says it all. Haha! Senior's Bash / Graduation Bash. Here's what i wore for a very special event of my high school life, why? because its the last official high school party that I've attended. Knowing me, i wont settle for something plain so i thought of something out of the box, who would think someone will wear socks in a school party event? Everybody wants to get rid of socks after school. My fairytale wouldnt be complete without the people who made my story possible. Thank you to Ms. Carmen Smith for my Hair and Make-up, she's really good, super nice and pretty, All in one. Miller Clothing for my dress, it was so pretty better than i expected! Thanks to James Bautista our photographer together with Ken Bandayanon for our amazing photo's which we're all excited to see and ofcourse my hotel room mates who made my night and day extra special. Truly, My night was memorable though nothing much happened but it was a night i'll treasure. More posts about the event soon!

Keep Loving!


Blog Roll


Rjay Halasan star player of a basketball team and a singer decided to create his own blog, you might want to check it out since he is new in the blogging world. If you want to know what's hot and not never hesitate to visit his blog and be updated!

Keep Loving!


|| Photo by: James Bautista ||

Here's a little sneak peak from our Photoshoot. I just love everything with this photo and i cant wait to see all of the photo's. So sorry guys for not updating much, i'll make it up to you since school's done! So, What do you think?

Quick Post.

Keep Loving!


Summer Heat Waves


Photo by: Nikko Zamora

Here's a quick post. Ready your swimsuits, Bench bodies, Sun-kissed skins and your sunnies 'cause Summer is finally coming! Its all about the bright and poppy colors and its all about fun! Watch out for my new outfit post soon.

by the way, I'm sorry for i haven't post for awhile i was really so busy with school stuffs but final's are over, I can marry my blog now.

Are you ready for the summer heat waves?

Keep Loving!


The preview


Here's a sneak peak from our class photo shoot. There were basically 3 concepts for each gender and that's a lot of hassle but we managed and got great photos. This was taken few months ago and we decided not to show it to anyone not until our graduation but since im too excited here's a sneak peak for you guys. What do you think?

Keep Loving!
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