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College is a BIG adjustment to me and to tell you honestly i'm still in the phase of adjusting. Waking up early, piled up books, mad-foh-i-dont-know-reason teachers and sometimes intimidating society are just some of the reasons why I don't want to go to school it's like my summer mode button is still ON. There are even times where I want to give up and skip school(which is most likely impossible to happen). Surviving college isn't going to easy like high school it needs hard work, patience, perseverance and focus! Focus! focus! FOCUS! One thing i don't have right now. :( In every hardships you go through there will always be a back up, It's just up to you who will they be, or what will they be. Choosing the right one's will make your journey more light, easy and of course fun. Enjoy your youth whether it is wasted or not! =)

Making length-y post isn't my thing nor making emotional posts but I find blogging as an exit point where I can express myself just like every diary a little girl has. Don't you find blogging so mainstream now a days?

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Asian Vogue Giveaway II

I missed my blog so much! It's just that I don't have time for my personal stuff and such and whenever I get home from school early its either I'm exhausted or I have lots of things to do! So yea, I know its been a looooooong hiatus :)

Another Giveaway!!!

Asian Vogue loves you all lovely readers, Im throwing another shoe giveaway from Asian Vogue Shop and giving away Gift certificates worth 1,000!

Here's how to join:

how's everyone doing?
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Giveaway Winners

Thank you for submitting all of your entries ladies! Thank you to Tweetums Aksesoris also for sponsoring, much love!

Here are the winners for my Tweetums Aksesoris X The Living Closet Giveaway

Set #1 Aira Espiritu
Set #2 April Grace Gregorio
Set #3 Lindzi Garcia


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Im Back! TLC

Got Super super super busy with school plus practices for cheer dance ends very late hence, I haven't been using the net or computer for days or weeks now. But guess what?!

Missed alot from the blogosphere! and I cant wait to post, post post and be more updated. Missed you guys! :)

Keep Loving!


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