Tweetums Aksesoris X The Living Closet Giveaway

I've been really so busy with school works and sometimes I cant find a time for myself and also for my blog. Next week is going to be more busy because....unto my next post. Haha! Anyways, Here's Another giveaway! Spoiled readers huh? Haha! June has been so good to me (well, minus the school works) because of my generous sponsors and blessing that I keep on receiving. Thank you Tweetums Aksesoris for sponsoring my giveaway and for the items they sent last week. For this giveaway there will be three lucky winners!!
Love them? Here's how to join:

Giveaway will end on: July 14,2012. Winners will be announced through a blogpost and through my twitter account. Goodluck ladies! :)

Keep Loving!



Hello there! Thank you for showing some love in my blog. I'll reply and find time to visit your blogs too so please leave a link of your blog. keep loving♥


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