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I just discovered this site named The Fancy, I actually discovered it through Anne Curtis' twitter and instagram. You can view pictures of great stuffs AND you can actually buy it!!! They literally have everything from gadgets to food, men's fashion to women's, arts to media, DIY's to pets(You got that right). They even have those cooleo "tumblr" stuffs which I didnt know they actually exists but yes the are REAL.

I want one in my bathroom!! Makes me wanna take a bath for hours and hours!!!! Exclamation points necessary

And so much more to browse! Check it out yourself at www.thefancy.com
Hyped for tomorrow, Gonna attend Canon Photoskwela though I have piled up books to study for my Midterms and I have this project where we're going to make a music video and I need everyone's help!! Update it to you soon.

Sign up for The Fancy and get benefits. Click HERE to see how

Oops! I almost forgot this segment. Pardon me. Haha!!
Fashion Tip Of the Day
Fashion Tip: Always go for something comfortable but substantial, Go for Playful but Rare, Quirky but Uplifting, Classy AND Modest.

Have a Nice Wekeend, Be Safe.

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I am an old time Instagram user and its really addicting until now. What I love about Instagram is that from the name itself, It's Instant!! Am I stating it too obvious? Haha Dont hate. Anyways, Here are SOME of my instagram posts for the month of August!

1. Claire's Birthday Party
2. Henna Tattoo
3. Casual ootd
4. Gold Snake Skin heels from So Fab!
5. Studying for midterms :-(
6. Ootd post for number 1!
7. Reading Perks of being a wallflower during my NS class
8. Wash day!

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Blazer that I got for only 170 pesos!
Long chiffon skirt from Victoria wholesale booth
Personal fave; Shorts from Senioritas Fashion Roll Call booth

New Haul from Davcon Bazaar last Saturday and I am excited to wear them on my future outfit posts. Anyways, I had a pretty great long weekend got to relax, sleep, hang out with friends but sadly i didn't get the chance to hit the beach. Now I'm ready for school again (having 2nd thoughts on this statement) haha!

Have a great week ahead of you

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Bla Bla Bla

I am not a fan of thick books or long narrative stories but what triggers me is the creativity of a person to produce very interesting stories. Once you set out a good start the readers tends to continue and asks for more and more and more. I don’t know why I am even telling you this but the mere fact that in a way I am narrating something to you makes it dull and boring I know I tend to make blog posts along the bar of mediocrity and I tend to be redundant there are even times where I slurred my words in my mind and couldn’t find the words to type in. It leaves me blank which causes me to draft things out and later on delete a drafted post.

Anyways, here's what I wore on the first day of our school fiesta.

since the whole outfit is flat I opted to inject some prints and shades of blue.
Minimal accessories for this day just to be fuss-free.
Who would have thought that I got this Kimono Top for 30 pesos, such a steal!!

photo's by: Marj Aragon

|| Green Top: Forever 21, Kimono Top: Thrifted, Shoes: Shoebox, Bracelet: Tweetums Aksesoris, Bag: Coach ||

Yay for an outfit post after 52394 years, ok exaggeration. Haha! Anyways, I'm getting bored with my hair, What should I do with it? I cant wait for it to grow longer.

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According to Candy magazine there are 3 ingredients of happiness as I was reading the article realizations began to enter my mind and gave me the idea to make a “senti” blog post this time. Here it goes, one ingredient of happiness is faith we may find happiness in all material things that we posses but there’s an ultimate happiness that no other thing can replace and that’s God. Take a time to leap, to embrace, to thank, to repent, to worship, to talk with God and there you’ll find your self thankful for everything even the tiniest thing in the world. Second is Contentment, Be contented on what you have NOW and not you assume to have. Stop asking for more and maybe you could ask yourself “Do I even deserve all of this?” Be contented on what you have, you don’t really need a bunch of clothes, dozens of accessories and one whole room for your shoes remember that in fashion it’s all about the creativity on how you deal with the available pieces and make it extraordinary. Just let your creativity work and there you’ll find that the most precious piece isn’t diamonds nor pearls but your own piece. Lastly Passion, sometimes we don’t realize what we are passionate of, we don’t recognized what are we capable of doing, we tend to shed no light on the things we’re good at. If we pursue on something we really love then passion comes in. Passion what makes us going, what makes our work more efficient, what makes us go for our goals and what makes us creative.
messy hair

|| Photo's by: Nikko Zamora ||

I have my faith with me in everywhere I go and in whatever I do, I am contented with everything that I have and in my case it’s more than enough and lastly I am passionate in everything I do. I don’t settle for mediocrity and I don’t settle for what’s more than enough hence I settle for what is enough and what I deserve. As I make this post I realize that my world is so extravagant, it demands so much from us that we forget the things that truly makes us happy. Happiness comes with great outcomes.

In every blog post I make, I’ll try to give my advice regarding fashion or a fashion tip and here’s my tip for today!

Fashion Tip: Explore and find pieces that will make you more creative. Don’t buy pieces that you’ll regret in the end. It’s okay to take much time in deciding anyway its better that way than being sorry in the end. Buy pieces that you can make use in the long run you’ll never know you can rock your vintage pieces and add them in your DIY collection.

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Obsolete lens of life

Photo's by: Nikko Zamora

|| Pants: Levis, Top: WAGW, Necklace: Gift from my friend, Jeriec ||

"That's you being imperfect." When my friend uttered this phrase I knew I had to include this in my next blog post. People tend to judge us from what's outside, from what our naked eyes can see and ignore what's the "real thing" admit it or not everyone does it even me but I myself is full of imperfections too. Feel Beautiful, Be Beautiful, You are Beautiful!

I hope everybody is doing well now the sun is out. #BangonPilipinas

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Here's a sneak peek on what happened last night at Marja's Debut. A night in paris, sharing it to you on my next post but for now i'll leave you with these photobooth photo's from Markdotdate Davao.

It was a fancy night, indeed.

Keep Loving!

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