According to Candy magazine there are 3 ingredients of happiness as I was reading the article realizations began to enter my mind and gave me the idea to make a “senti” blog post this time. Here it goes, one ingredient of happiness is faith we may find happiness in all material things that we posses but there’s an ultimate happiness that no other thing can replace and that’s God. Take a time to leap, to embrace, to thank, to repent, to worship, to talk with God and there you’ll find your self thankful for everything even the tiniest thing in the world. Second is Contentment, Be contented on what you have NOW and not you assume to have. Stop asking for more and maybe you could ask yourself “Do I even deserve all of this?” Be contented on what you have, you don’t really need a bunch of clothes, dozens of accessories and one whole room for your shoes remember that in fashion it’s all about the creativity on how you deal with the available pieces and make it extraordinary. Just let your creativity work and there you’ll find that the most precious piece isn’t diamonds nor pearls but your own piece. Lastly Passion, sometimes we don’t realize what we are passionate of, we don’t recognized what are we capable of doing, we tend to shed no light on the things we’re good at. If we pursue on something we really love then passion comes in. Passion what makes us going, what makes our work more efficient, what makes us go for our goals and what makes us creative.
messy hair

|| Photo's by: Nikko Zamora ||

I have my faith with me in everywhere I go and in whatever I do, I am contented with everything that I have and in my case it’s more than enough and lastly I am passionate in everything I do. I don’t settle for mediocrity and I don’t settle for what’s more than enough hence I settle for what is enough and what I deserve. As I make this post I realize that my world is so extravagant, it demands so much from us that we forget the things that truly makes us happy. Happiness comes with great outcomes.

In every blog post I make, I’ll try to give my advice regarding fashion or a fashion tip and here’s my tip for today!

Fashion Tip: Explore and find pieces that will make you more creative. Don’t buy pieces that you’ll regret in the end. It’s okay to take much time in deciding anyway its better that way than being sorry in the end. Buy pieces that you can make use in the long run you’ll never know you can rock your vintage pieces and add them in your DIY collection.

Keep Loving!



  1. Keep that faith and love, dear! ♥ You'll go places with that!

    Arnie Villanueva

  2. Lovely photos and great post.

    Keep your passion and faith.

  3. You're so pretty! :) Especially in these photos!


  4. Keep on smiling. :) Yup, stay contented.


  5. I totally agree with your post. :) We often overlook the little things to be thankful about.


  6. amazing pictures:) come to see my, there is new post :) i need your opinion about my outfit :) meybe we will follow each other? kiss :)

  7. Nice blog dear.

  8. love the top with the ecklace!
    can't wait too see you on my blog!

  9. this is such a gorgeous post. everything is so true!



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