A quick treat

Just a quick post before I head out for a Saturday night out. 

I have already introduced you to Sigma Beauty through my post HERE so here's a little treat for you.

As a affiliate of Sigma Beauty here I am sharing you a discount coupon for your purchases through out the month of October! You can get 10% discount just by entering the code: DEAL2012 

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Happy Pill

Since my classes ends late and the show starts early, here I am writing a blog post and missing the Forever 21 Fashion Show in SM Lanang Premier. I was lucky enough to win a ticket from Cheyser but it was too late for me to realize that the show starts at 5PM(I was really thinking the show starts at 7) and my class ends at 6PM-- a class which I cant skip because of a test so I just gave my tix to Marja. God knows how much I wanted to go! Actually My friends knows how down I was the whole day but as soon as I got home there was something to be happy about. 

 Therapy bags sent cute-overload accessories!! I was longing for accessories like these but I couldn't find such here in Davao so I was at my peak seeing these babies waiting for me to wear!!! And here are my top favorites! A 2-way accessory-- necklace and bracelet Thank you to my new sponsor, Therapy Bags. Like and check their page to see what's in store for you all. They dont just sell hip and cute bags but accessories too, Go check it now! CLICK HERE. Expect these accessories in my future posts 'cause I'll surely wear them over and over and over again. 

 Oh gosh, next week is pre-finals week then the week after that is our finals. Help me God :)

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The View

I'm so excited to share this place to you guys!!! Last Saturday as what I have told you in my previous post HERE was my cousin's wedding. As soon as I got in the place I was literally jaw-dropped with the view. The place was so beautiful its a 20-minute drive away from the busy life of Davao City which makes it more solemn and peaceful. = Cute Flower Girl My sisters Huge Cake! View at night The View is located in Magtuod Maa Davao City. With good reason to celebrate, Family around, Yummy Food, Good Music and Love everywhere it was indeed a great day and night for everyone.

Thought of the Day: Seize the day, Tell your loved ones that you love them 'cause we'll never know what God planned for us :)

 Congratulations Ate Karina and Kuya Dino! 

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Here's what I wore to my cousin's wedding at The View. The theme was "Rustic Garden Wedding" and I already knew that laces and cream would be the perfect combo. The dress I was supposedly to wear was too short for a wedding so I opted for a soft, long and flowy sheer skirt for a dramatic effect and paired it with a lace top that I got for only 25 pesos(What a steal!!!) and finished it off with gold details.
My heels gave up on me so I had to change into my very reliable flats
Thank you Nicole for taking my photos.

|| Skirt: Victoria Wholesale c/o Davcon Bazaar, Top: Thrifted, Heels: SO! Fab, Flats: PRP, Necklace: TomLiz, Cuff: Forever21, Belt: Terranova ||

The wedding was so nice and I'll share it to you through my next post :)

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Not the typical

"Friends aren't just some shit you step on that will bug the hell out of you but instead they leave a mark, a very rare mark"

It's good to have a friend who somehow shares same interests with you and who can understand why you do this and that. Nikko Zamora, who have taken these photos, has always or maybe not always but mostly been my partner in whatever events I go. I remember the first photo he took when he received his DSLR camera it was his mom walking in Manila and now as I look at his recent photos I believe Nikko has grown so much better. He captures everything with less effort yet produces real good photos. He's one of the finalist of Ateneo's FotoModelo and I am very proud of my friend wishing him all the luck!! :)

Nikko Zamora's Blog. Click HERE if you want to collaborate or see some of his photos.

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New In: Neons and Spikes

|| All from Tom Liz, Except the blue one ||

New accessories Haul!! This time I'm joining the bandwagon of Neon's and Spikes. How'd you like it?

Thought of the day: I should start dealing with my time management skills (Wait, I don't have any). I waste most of my time on the-bottom-part-of-my-priority-list List when I should be studying and preparing for my upcoming finals. I currently have 4 chapters to read and gallons of words to store in my mind until tomorrow afternoon for my so called quiz but I don't think its a quiz anymore, Imagine 5 chapters in one quiz!!! Oh I wish someone invented a flash drive where I could just plug it unto my brain and let it sync all the information stored. That would be really cool and helpful for students like me. That's just me being unrealistic Haha! So yea, I have to bounce now 'cause I really have to take my studies seriously. Time is way too precious, Time is short so live it up!

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A Night In Paris

Back log post coming!!!
This will be just short since I have to do a lot of school related works and I have 4 chapters to cover for my Sociology Class and a chapter for my Accounting Class. I'm having wrecked out thoughts about my midterm grades as of the moment but i'm still hoping for good grades

Anyways, Remember these photo booth pictures that I blogged about HERE?
I'm gonna share to you my fancy experience from Marja Guinoo of A Dose of Marja 's Debut through pictures and captions.

During the Dinner: "Table" Picture with the debutante, the food was good by the way. Right after the dinner as far as I can remember it started out with 18 roses. There were also ballet performances, sing-a-long's, and dancing with the up beat music.
After the program: Picture taking time!! I like this shot its so candid but i really dont know why am i laughing... alone.
My date for the night, Nikko Zamora

|| All photos are from Marja Guinoo's facebook ||

It was a fun experience for me since it was my first time to attend a debut party plus I got to meet new friends. Too bad I didn't got a chance to take a picture of my outfit for the night and a picture with the debutante except the photobooth photos. Soon, I'll be celebrating my 18th birthday too I don't want to end my teenage life yet..

Thought of the Day: I've been down for the past few weeks and when I say down I mean depressed. I've been absent-minded, lazy, dull and sad. Whenever I look down at my notes and start to read I tend to stop and sleep. Kumbaga nawawalan na ako ng gana sa lahat ng bagay. Sometimes I think of giving up but I know that wont help me and it wont lead my anywhere. I just dont know what to do anymore. Time like this I always run to my best friend, father, diary, my God. As my day ends, I pray to God to give me the strength to carry out the tasks I need to do and finish. A time with God really helps emotionally and spiritually. Go take a leap for God ask forgiveness, be thankful, praise him, talk to him he always listens to us no matter what.

Or maybe not a short post, Got carried away. Haha! Have a great week!

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Big Bang

As what I have told you last time HERE, I’m going to share some photos of my experience in horse back riding last Saturday. I think it’s just my second or third time to ride a real horse and knowing that I am not an animal enthusiast/lover/ or whatever you call it, it was a fun experience for me though I survived just for a few minutes only…Haha!
and of course, Me!

Misty doesn't like me 'cause she keeps on stopping :(

Fashion Tip: It’s okay to repeat the clothes you have already wore but style it in a different way to give twist and have a new look without spending any penny.

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Shop OnTrend

Wearing a simple black dress with gold accents of accessories can make our whole look, classy and modest, wearing a simple white shirt and worn out jeans with studded rings and bracelets can make our look, the rocker chic. Wearing accessories can make an outfit into a whole new dimension it can also make a new look. Whenever I do lazy dressing which I do almost all the time I always assure that I have my accessories on just to keep the dullness of my outfit away.

So worry no more here's the perfect shop to check in to. Shop OnTrend, They have great pieces to choose from at a very affordable price. From the name it self it gives you the freshest and modern accessories that can make your outfits look dashing.
They are currently having their First Year Anniversary which means the prices of their accessories are on sale so you better check it out 'cause their First Rad Anniversary Sale will run until September 19, 2012 only.

Here are some bloggers who wears Shop OnTrend
Lissa Kahayon
Camille Co

|| All Photo's are from Shop OnTrend ||

Want to see more of their accessories? Check it out HERE
So what are you waiting for? Grab it while its there.

Keep Loving!

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