Tweetums Aksesoris X The Living Closet Giveaway

I've been really so busy with school works and sometimes I cant find a time for myself and also for my blog. Next week is going to be more busy because....unto my next post. Haha! Anyways, Here's Another giveaway! Spoiled readers huh? Haha! June has been so good to me (well, minus the school works) because of my generous sponsors and blessing that I keep on receiving. Thank you Tweetums Aksesoris for sponsoring my giveaway and for the items they sent last week. For this giveaway there will be three lucky winners!!
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Giveaway will end on: July 14,2012. Winners will be announced through a blogpost and through my twitter account. Goodluck ladies! :)

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Sigma Beauty

Got an email regarding a cosmetic brand and I was happy that they personally invited me to be part of their affiliate program. So what is Sigma Beauty? It sells cosmetic accessories like brushes, make-up's, accessories and other beauty stuff. Happy to announce that I am now part of Sigma Beauty's Affiliate! To know more about Sigma Beauty CLICK HERE!

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Asian Vogue Giveaway Winner

Went home early to sort entries and finish it today. I would like to thank you all for joining my giveaway! Thank you Thank you so much readers! Thank you Asian Vogue Shop for sponsoring my giveaway, much love! ANOTHER upcoming giveaway so keep your heads up and stay tuned :)

Anyways, the winner for my Asian Vogue Giveaway:
Congratulations to Terence Morta!!!

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NEW IN: Tweetums Aksesoris

Here's a real time update, After a long tiring day from school a package was waiting for me and I was really excited to open it. Thank you Tweetums Aksesoris for the accessories you sent for me! annnnd... *drum roll* They also sent 3 sets of accessories for my giveaway! Cant wait to post wearing these in my future outfit posts :)

Sorry for the quality!
Thank you again Tweetums Aksesoris! :)
Upcoming Giveaway! Dont forget to join my ongoing shoe giveaway: Asian Vogue Shop X The Living Closet.

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Oasap- Giveaway

College Student = No time for myself and for my blog! For the past few weeks and until now I am still adjusting with my tight and loaded schedule. No outfit posts because we only have one day to wear our casual outfits and that's Wednesday which is wash day with a tight schedule of mine I cant even take a single photo for an outfit post or even myself.. :( Im sorry for not posting but I promise to post as soon as im back on track. Moving On, Oasap is giving away 152 items and all you got to do is vote and pick your size, winner will be picked randomly. To Join; Click HERE

Another upcoming giveaway, June = Giveaway Overload huh? Thank you Sponsors.
Btw, dont forget to join my shoe giveaway; Asian Vogue Shop X The Living Closet.

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No posts because college is taking up my time so much, priorities first! but here's how my week went through my Instagram. Promise to have outfit posts during wash days/ Wednesday's :)

x High Waist Shorts, Planning to reproduce.
x Making homemade siopao's
x Over Used Gold Oxfords
x Ombre Shorts
x Random Morning
x Black Chunky Heels from Payless

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Asian Vogue Giveaway


Photo from: Asian Vogue

Back-to-School Giveaway, Why not? Want to spend over 1000php worth GC's with these good looking shoes with tons and tons of choices from Asian Vogue Shop? Time to show off some new shoes for a new school year! NOTE: Please make your twitter accounts public, so i can view your tweets. Here's how:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Open for Philippines Residents only
Thank you Asian Vogue Shop for sponsoring my giveaway! Love you!
Giveaway ends on: June 25, 2012
Winner will be announced through my twitter or blog post :)

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Into the woods!

What i wore to the I am Tribal Shoot. I find last minute dressing up stressful and this was one of my "Last-minute-dressing-up-because-i-woke-up-late collection" I didnt have the luxury of time to decide and prepare myself for the shoot so i grabbed a dress + a denim jacket + some random accessories + first pair of shoes that i saw and i'm off to go! No time to fix my face, my hair, my bag everything was just so fast and for that I felt some kind of an action star... *drum roll* Random I know. Haha!

|| Aztec Mullet Dress: Customize made, Denim Jacket: Old Navy, Shoes: People are People, Headpiece: Nikko's DIY, Bracelets: Brown Cuff- Boracay, Beaded Crinckets - Bazaar, Necklace: My DIY ||

Yes, An outfit post! Aztec Prints, Denim and Glitters, Not a bad combination after all! I still love how it turned out, even if the time was.... action star type for me. Haha! It's okay to do things out of the box and over the top just know how to deliver it and remember to flaunt it!

Thank you Giselle for taking my photo's :)

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I am Tribal

It's finally out! Some of our so called "couple" photo's from the I am Tribal shoot. Luckily the weather was cooperating with us, not too hot not too cold.. Easy Breezy Beautiful Cover girl... OKAYYY? HAHA. The shoot happened in Loleng's Mountains Resort it's 30 minutes away from the busy city of Davao. This shoot happened to be our last hurrah for summer 2012, just by thinking of it I cant wait for summer to come again. Gonna be stuck with school works again!

Photo's by: Giselle Mendiola

How'd you like our photo's? Though I wasnt really prepared for this, I did enjoy the day and of course loving the photo's we got. Thank you Giselle, Chang and Nikko! Next time, I'll surely prepare that's fo sho.

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Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to Jessamer Abing and Raia Joon Catacutan for winning my The Bouteeque X The Living Closet Giveaway and for those who didn't win, Thank you so much for sending your entries, You all made me happy :) Heads up my lovely readers, Another one is upcoming and im sure you'll love it. Of course, Thank you to The Bouteeque for sponsoring my first giveaway! keep posted everyone.

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I am Tribal BTS

1. Style Video
2. Giselle, The Talented Photographer
3. Chang, The Stylish Assistant and Videographer
4. Feathers used
5. Call Me Maybe Video [HERE]
6. Doves were everywhere, Literally everywhere!
7. Me being so ignorant about number 6, Haha.
8. Photobooth

Last day to send in your entries for my giveaway, Join HERE!

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No Regrets, Just Love

I dont know why but Katy Perry's old song is all over my head and been looping for minutes now- "Teenage Dream" and that's why my title is "No regrets, Just Love" And no, we're not a couple Haha!, Meet Nikko Zamora my very own David Guison, its really nice to have people who share same interests with you.

Photographed by: Paola Mendiola

More on the photo now, Here's a teaser photo from the shoot we had as what i have said HERE. This photo is actually candid, I cant remember why we were laughing here. Cant wait to see the rest of the photo's and share it to you guys. Details on my next post.

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Call me maybe?

So many backlogs!! Here's the reason why i have no posts for the past few weeks... Lol just kidding. HAHA! But here's a "BTS" Video from the shoot we had the other day, decided to join the bandwagon! Just excuse my silly face.

I'll be posting a teaser photo from the photo shoot we had so keep posted. Sorry for the very long hiatus!! I really feel so bad, and for that another giveaway is upcoming for you my lovely readers.

Last day of sending in your entries!!

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