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Live Young

This one is my personal favorite! When things get crazy, Grab a beer. Relax!

Been awhile since my last post in my Jux account, sorry for the hiatus. I'll keep up with my Jux as much as I can.
Follow my Jux account HERE.

Does anyone of you have a Jux account? Leave a comment with your links and I'll try to visit them one by one.

If you haven't notice, Hmm. I've been spoiling my readers with much posts this week but I like spoiling them. Haha!

Keep Loving!



  1. Hi! My jux is: gabygab.jux.com you have a really beautiful blog.

    PS Where'd you get the font for "When things get crazy, grab a beer"? :) I can't figure out how to add a custom font xx.

  2. Thank you Gaby! the font is just actually from Jux! =)


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