If there's one thing I have missed so much in the Internet then it would be blogging. I have been lost for the longest time trying to find meaning in my life but I have come to realize that maybe this could be my outlet, an outlet where I can be myself. I didn't stop blogging all through out my absence I still write but it wasn't the usual blogging that I do. I wrote letters.Letters that I wish someone could still read it. Letters that has been hidden or maybe not so hidden in my tumblr account. 

Now that I am back in blogging I cant promise to be a full-time because studies are still my number 1 priority, I cant promise that this blog will be updated from time to time, I cant promise that I'll always have the right words but I'll always be in the edge of trying. I missed everything that this world has to offer!! Bigtime. Living Closet is back he he he

And for my first comeback-post I'll share some photos on what I have been doing through out summer!

Well, top of my list was the beach and I was lucky enough to spend my whole two months with the beach
And next was the nights I wish I could relive it one more time.

I was busy with having fun and at the same time I was also busy getting my self in shape, fit and healthy. Everyday I always make sure that I get to sweat. This summer since the gym is fully-packed I decided to be more discipline and train myself so I sometimes with my sister jog every afternoon in the oval and do biking in going home, I skate also just for fun but I find fitness in it too. I don't limit myself when it comes to eating, yes it makes me skinny but does it make me healthy?

Well a comeback surely deserves a lengthy post. Anyway, I'm flying to three different places and one road trip starting on May 19. I couldn't wait to share my trip with you. Inner Mermaid, Ready! Inner Dora, Ready!

Keep Loving!



  1. These are all really cool pictures!


  2. such beautiful photos and breath taking view!

  3. oh those happy photos! love them! :) followed you dear, i hopr you follw back!


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