BitterSweet Valentines

Thank you Jomel!
Thank you Mike, Dj, Jomel, Sison and Rjay!
Thank you Chang!

Happy Valentines, I know its late but its better late than never right? Valentines was pretty bitter and sweet to me. Lets start off with sweet, When i arrived at school first thing in the morning i saw chocolates on my table, YUMMY! Next thing, I was really surprised when all of us (girls) received a rose from the boys in our classroom it was so sweet of them and thoughtful! Then, Chang of The Fancy Treat gave me a small chocolate cake with a note saying " Because you're my closest friend i have, i love you. Happy Valentines" I love Chang! The day was about to end, Me and my friends decided to eat in bistro the first thing that pop outs on my mind is STEAKS. Oh yes! Thank you John for the treat. Here's the bitter part, On a valentines day i lost my iTouch which was only 7months old and until now im still depressed about it but life goes on. How was your Valentines?

Keep Loving!


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  2. That is so sweet that all the boys gave girls roses! I wish kids at my school were that sweet!

  3. Awww.. that's so sweet and nice! By the way, thank you for always dropping by my blog and leaving a comment, really appreciate it!


    1. Thank you Kaye! :) Sure, i really love your blog <3

  4. Wow!! so sweet I didnt have any san valentine's present!!

    1. Thanks Encara! <3 Maybe next time, someone will give you. Maybe more than enough! :)

  5. ohmygosh! sorry to hear about the stolen ipod :( Anyway, i guess it comes with a trade off naman, you had a blast during vday :D i'm sure your loss will be a gain next time rin :)

    1. Yes Hazel, its really sad i lost my itouch on a valentines day :( I hope so!!

  6. sweetest! glad you enjoyed valentines despite the stolen itouch and im really sorry to hear that :(


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